Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cloth Dipes!

I totally forgot to mention that we have switched to cloth diapers. I have several friends that went that route, and after picking their brains, asking a million questions, and researching online, we (ahem, I) decided to give it a shot. Thank you Tim, Sarah, and Nichole, for all your help and patience!

I've been buying different kinds at various places... I started off my getting some prefolds and covers, but quickly realized that was not the route I wanted to go. I bought some fitted dipes and pockets off of a couple of moms on Craigslist, and one of the moms told me about It is the cloth diaper MECCA! I went a little crazy. I have probably ordered 10 times already! I have 2 more orders I am waiting excitedly for! One I screwed up and had sent to Hubby's old address... and I am like a crack addict trying to track it down. The other ones were sent to our current address, but we submitted a change of address thinking we would be in our new house by now, and so I'm not quite sure where they will end up! Ahhh the adventures of moving!

I also ordered some off of EBay that I LOVE! They are minky fabric and have velcro closure, and they are so easy to use. I send them to daycare because they are as easy to use as disposable dipes. The only thing I don't love is how they can get rather stinky wrapped up in a plastic bag with doodie all day. But it's better for him, and better for the environment, and so stinking cute!!
I was told to lay off on buying diapers until after closing on the new house, or be prepared for an intervention. I'm having some withdrawals, but I think I can do it. Unless someone wants to lend me some money? I'll pay ya back, man, I promise...


  1. I am glad that you are liking them. I am also interested to hear that you didnt like the prefolds and covers. I always wondered about those. :o) So, what is your favorite so far?

  2. Yes, cute indeed. And on your last post about breastfeeding - gosh, you did well to pump for a year. Nursing and being at home is so much easier than working and pumping, in my opinion. So yes, you did well (better than probably 99% of other mothers in fact). I hope you never feel bad about "only" doing it for a year.

  3. Hi! I just found your blog. Awesome for cloth diapers! We use bumgenius and LOVE them.

    I don't know if you have, but I noticed that you posted a few months ago about being sick of pumping... would you mind giving us an update on how breastfeeding is going and what it is looking like with a toddler? (If you still are nursing, of course, and I am sorry if you stopped and I and clueless!!)

  4. I am an idiot! I am sorry, i didn't read the post right before this one, SORRY!

  5. Just found your blog-- sounds like our kids are the same age! I'm interested to learn more about why you chose to switch to cloth diapers at this age?

    And woo hoo on getting to a year and breastfeeding! I love the ribbons/awards you have on your sidebar touting your accomplishment-- what an accomplishment it is! We are at 14 months and still going (but only at night, and honestly, it's more for me than for the baby!)


  6. THANK YOU all for the kind words about breastfeeding. We all deserve a pat on the back, because it is not as easy as it appears! I would have liked to go longer, but he was ready to stop.
    As far as switching to cloth dipes... I had a few friends who had gone that route, and it was something I had always been interested in, but thought wasn't an option due to daycare. Turned out, it was an option, and after good reviews from my friends, decided it was worth a try. I chalk it up to being one more thing I wasn't well informed enough about... And that is a LONG list... Induction, c-section, perhaps circumsision, baby-weariing, cloth dipes... So much out there I did not do my research on, and just when the route I thought I was supposed to. Live and learn, right?
    Nichole, the prefolds I didn't like because they don't absorb any of the moisture! The fabric is wet against the skin and I can't imagine how umcomfortable that would be! For a newborn, it would probably be okay, because they don't pee very much (volume) at a time, and it would probably be absorbed enough, but for an older baby who is peeing a lot, it seemed like it would be terribly uncomfortable. I love pockets. Love love love. I have a problem. I ordered more today. :-)