Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 3 of Juicing

I feel pretty darn good today. Just hungry! But I haven't yet had the V-8 (ish) juice I made for lunch so maybe that will curb my appetite. I had read that the first three days were the hardest, so maybe after today I will be on the up-swing. Ironic: today at work, we have an employee cook-out to raise money for our holiday party. My job was to wait for the meat to be cooked and bring it upstairs to where it would be served. Three times. It was hard to be around all that yummy smelling food, but not partake. However, I thought it would be much worse than it was. I am STRONG like OX!

I've realized a couple of things: don't try to mix as many fruits and veggies together as possible. That sounds really dumb now that I read it, but it seemed a good idea at the time. Simple is better! For breakfast we had an apple and strawberry juice, for lunch, the 8 Vegetable juice. It is HARD to juice greens- spinach and cabbage fly right into the "catcher" and I feel like I'm getting hardly any juice and just wasting a lot. The wasting thing is really bothering me- even with something like apples that juices great, you waste SO much of the fruit. It's also expensive, but yesterday I went to Aldi for the first time to get green tea. They didn't have green tea, but their produce section was amazing! I got all this....

for $33! It is mostly fruit, but now I know where to check for produce before spending the big bucks at a pricier store. I send my husband to work with several green tea bags, but he said it's not touching his headache today. He is a big coffee drinker, so I expect that's normal.

Off to have my juice and pat myself on the back for making it longer than I thought I could!!

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