Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Twitter Made Me Crazy

I had to quit. There were too many "If you don't nurse your baby until he's 5 you're a bad mom" and "I judge you in the name of Jesus"es on there. I'm exaggerating with both statements, but it seemed that everyone I stumbled across was a lunatic!

Is there no common sense anymore?

We all know it's best to breastfeed. To a year, if possible. But it's not always possible, and that's nothing to berate women about. Telling them that going less than two years is "early weaning" is insulting and simply wrong. Moms, nurse as long, or as short, as you want. You'll be judged for either, so do what works for your family and your life.

Homosexuals... Jesus loves you. Always has, always will. There's nothing wrong with you. You're not flawed, you're not less than, you're not a second class citizen. One day (hopefully SOON!) our whole country will recognize that, and we'll look back at this time with an awe-full"What were they thinking?!" like we do so many other embarrassing times in our nation's history. I'm sorry you have to fight for something that you should already have. The right to be married. To serve your country proudly. To be treated with the equality we are all guaranteed. It's bollocks.

Sarah Palin, and supporters, you're nuts.

So Twitter, farewell. We had a nice run. You were helpful for killing time at work, but my sanity is more important.

TTYN, Tweeps.


  1. So hilarious. Love this post. I don't get twitter or facebook. I prefer to ramble on here. If people read - great! If not - great! At least I said my piece. Enjoying your blog. I hope it is more fulfilling that tweet tweet!

  2. That should have been "than" not that! Whatever. But, I wanted to say welcome back. I did not realize it had almost been a month since you last posted...slacker! See. People judge you on here too. Ha! That is soooo a joke. I forget people really don't know me on here. I must clarify. I have a weird sense of humor.